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Fritada recipe

This translation is for Jonathan M. Forester a Slashfood blogger.
This recipe was Posted Jun 19st 2007 and if you visit this post, you can see the dish’s aspect.
FRITADA (2 servings)
1 Aubergine.
2 Tomatos.
½ Onion.
Olive oil.
4 spoonfuls of honey.
A little lemon juice.
Soy sauce.
Some toasted sesame seeds.

Peel and cut like dadoes the aubergine. Fry it in warm olive oil, and when it’s ready, move back into a plate with absorbent paper.
Peel the tomatoes and cut them in samall pieces and do the same whit the onion. First, fry the onion and later add the tomato. When it’s ready, add the fried aubergines.
Incorporate the honey to the mix and remove it, add a bit of lemon juice and then, add a few drops of soy sauce.
Remove and move back of the frying pan. Put it in a dish and decorate with some toasted sesame seeds.

Like you can see this dish is seemed to the french ratatouille...

4 comentarios:

jose dijo...

¿Mandeeeeeee, lo cualo queeee?, Where is your spanish version, please? (o algo asin)

Doña Col dijo...

tienes el enlace en el post...
pincha en "This recipe was Posted Jun 19st 2007 and if you visit this post"...
and there is the recipe in spanish my friend...
jejeje ;)

ptobal dijo...

Pero que moderna te me has vuelto?
Esto se avisa que si no uno dale que dale al ratón hasta que acierta.
¿Está bueno eso del pisto con miel?

jose dijo...

aaaaah, pos pon "traducida al castellano aquí" y ya lo entendemos los hispanohablantes...

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